Whether you are a country artist or a rapper, most people look at Michael Jackson as one of their top inspirations. Justin to ABC News in the days after Jackson’s death about himself is to be described as a carbon copy of somebody else. Even as a youngster, he possessed the most precious vocal gift a singer could have: the ability to infuse emotion into song. His vast musical education started at home with his mom. Between the pop songs of the day they heard played on the radio and the contemporary Christian music they heard from the praise band at their church on Sundays, there were a lot of different sounds at work. By the time I was four or five, I could climb up on the stool and play the drum kit all by myself, and, Justin’s song Pray was inspired by Michael Jackson’s 1987 hit Man in the Mirror.

Justin sings and dances his way across a huge stage complete with two levels of platforms, ramps, and catwalks. It’s a high-energy show with lots of unique features. This is no Stratford Star, no You probably already know that Justin’s touring act is huge, but did you know it takes eight buses and an entire fleet of 18-wheelers to move the singers, dancers, instruments, sound equipment, and sets from place to place? At one point, Justin sails high across the audience in a giant metal rig in the shape of a heart. Suspended high in the air, he belts out the song Never Let You Go, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar. As if that’s not amazing enough, the rig is actually spinning through the air! In another memorable performance moment, he cruises tantalizingly close over the heads of his audience in a giant cage as he performs the song Up. But perhaps the most exciting moment and the one that has become a signature of Justin’s concertscomes with the song One Less Lonely Girl. For the performance, Justin chooses a single audience member from each concert and brings her on stage for a serenade. It’s a romantic momentand nearly every fan in the place waits with breathless anticipation to find out if she will be the one singled out. There are so many different elements that add up to make this concert pure Singer Justin Bieber performs during his World Tour show at Madison Square Garden on Au gust 31, 2010, in New York City.



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