Kailangan Kita


SHE SITS TENSELY IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR WHERE HER DAINTY FINGERS FIDDLES WITH THE TRINKETS ATOP THE DRESSER. With delicate tendrils grazing her skin warmed up by the languid sun, she tentatively secures a pair of earrings and puts them on carefully. Looking back at the reflection before her, there is a palpable sense of appreciation filling the room an almost timid and quivering smile slowly breaking through her naive facade.

This is a painfully quiet moving moment in Kailangan Kita, a sweeping love story set in the breathtaking provincial scenery of the Bicol region. A distilled turning point; this was a breakthrough for Lena because finally, she saw the woman she could be without withering away in the drawl and confines of tradition and family.

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Kailangan Kita

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