Kate Moss Posters 2017

Geek squad

What’s better than getting the new Call of Duty delivered to your door? Having a hot girl do it! Rosario Dawson made one gamer’s day by personally dropping off Black Ops III via Amazon Prime Now on Nov. 5.Gowning your

Is that any way to treat couture? Kate Moss splashed around London’s River Thames, champagne in hand, for her cameo in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie on Nov. 4.

Lip service

Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson perfected her pout with Buxom Bold Gel Lipstick during a coffee break with a friend in L.A. on Nov. 2.

Underwest Donuts are a hole According to reps, Jerry Seinfeld visited the NYC location for a taste of the beautifully decorated and delicious desserts. The freshly fried cake donuts, made either in sugar or glazed come in flavors like Maple Waffle, Dark Chocolate, pumpkin Ginger, Coco Raspberry and Cinnamon. Trust us, you do nut want to miss out on these From $2.50 each or $79 a dozen with nationwide

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Kate Moss Posters 2017

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