Katheryn Winnick

She doesnt just have a killer body, Winnick has killer instincts shes a martial arts master! She shares how she does it all.

LFT: Why martial arts? KW: My parents signed us up for Tae Kwon Do classes as a family when I was 7 years old! I think its so important for women especially to know how to defend themselves. Now, I run the WIN KAI Self Defense program.

LFT: Any self-defense tips? KW: Yes, this magazine can be a weapon! If youre on the bus or the train flipping through the latest Shape and feel threatened, roll it up, hold it at the center, and youre ready to kick some butt.

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LFT: Beyond Tae Kwon Do, what are your go-to activities? KW: My rule: Move for one hour every day. Im outdoorsy and love hiking, riding horses, and cycling. LFT: Lets talk about food KW: Ive been gluten-free for 10 years. tive system and I think its a much healthier way of living.

LFT: Do you have a mantra? KW: Take me where I need to go. Show me who I need to see. Tell me what I need to do. And do not let me get in the way.

Katheryn Winnick

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