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Seeing Kevin Clifton and Kellie Bright in the dance-off on Strictly was gutting! It was the first time Kevin has been in the dance-off in three years of being on the show, so I know he would have been nervous and worrying about making Kellie feel comfortable.

I spoke to him afterwards and he said it felt really weird and he didn’t really know how to take it, but it is only going to make them come back stronger. Although it was a shock, I also think it must have been a bit of a relief because now it is not unknown territory for him.

It’s probably less pressure for them both because people will finally stop saying Kevin’s never been in the dance-off! This week the show is heading to the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool for the live special. It was such an amazing experience last year so I can’t wait to see what everyone pulls out of the bag.

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Kellie Bright

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