Research about anything she develops an affinity towards in the attempt to find which of its characteristics she loves. These attributes are then elevated to key details in her work.

It’s no easy feat staying inspired in a field so demanding of creativity and authenticity, but Kim makes it look easy with her tiered layers, undulating ruffles and daring fabric combinations. I get inspired by anything and everything, she shares, listing pop culture, music, film and nature as her influences.

With a breathtaking graduation collection under her belt and big plans for the future, Kim Basilio is steadily setting herself apart from the rest of the local fashion young bloods and building a name bound to be remembered surprisingly straightforward process. On conceptualizing her designs, Kim explains that she partakes in extensive By CESSI TRENAS. Photography RON MENDOZA of STUDIO 100 “MY DESIGN philosophy is modish, romantic and subtly GAMINE” My design philosophy is modish, romantic and subtly gamine, she says.

Behind her structurally unconventional designs lies a WHILE KIM BASILIO MAY BE A NEW FACE IN LOCAL FASHION, HER BIG BREAK INTO THE WORLD OF WOMENSWEAR HAD BEEN A LONG TIME COMING. From the tender age of seven, she began to forge a long-term love affair with fashion, when her grandmother, a modiste, first exposed her to the art of dressmaking.

With her deep-rooted love for all things sartorial, it only made sense for Kim to channel the element of romance in her designs. Looking up to the likes of Giambattista Valli, Roksanda Illinic and Carolina Herrera, Kim’s visions share the same vein of hyper-femininity.


I usually bring a notebook and pencil with me so that I can draw or write as soon as inspiration strikes. Also, I always have my

how do you translate your ideas ?

I sketch everything I think of with my chosen concept and reevaluate them later. I give myself a break to contemplate and

what is next for you?

To establish Kim Basilio as a fashion brand and pursue further studies in the future. There is still so much to learn; this is just my beginning.

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