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ON Nov. 10, six weeks before Christmas Day Kim Kardashian’s due date the 5’3″ reality star stepped off her scale and straight onto Twitter. Ok I’m 52 lbs up today….and I still have 6 weeks to go! I got my work cut out for me!!!! she posted, alluding to the weight she has to drop once her son with husband Kanye West is born. After the humiliation she reportedly experienced during her pregnancy with North West, in which she gained more than 55 lbs, one would think she might choose to keep a low profile this time around. But insiders say she’s as worried about losing the limelight as she is about losing the added pounds.

The only reason Kim is blasting her weight gain to the world is because she’s so desperate for attention, says an insider. I mean, look at how she dresses! With hungry for denied!

Kim wants to try fad diets while pregnant, but her mom and Kanye told her no way! says a Kardashian intimate. Her anxiety is through the roof right now. so much media focus on sisters Khloe, because of her estranged husband Lamar Odom’s overdose, and Kendall’s Victoria’s Secret debut not to mention mom Kris’s 60th birthday bash and dad Caitlyn’s award for Glamour s Woman of the Year Kim feels like an also-ran. She’s used to being the star. Throwing a pity party is an attempt to get some eyes on her, the pal laughs.

Even while she’s freaking out, Kim, 35, is trying to undo the damage prior to giving birth. She wants to cut back to only 600 calories a day, a source says. While doctors recommend gaining no more than 35 lbs. during pregnancy, dieting this close to delivery could be dangerous for Kim and the baby. Kim knows this, but she’s petrified by how much she’ll weigh when she goes into labor at the rate she’s going, she could be up by 70 lbs, especially with the holidays coming, explains the insider.

So now she’s on a roller coaster of deprivation and overindulgence. She’ll go awhile with no , sugar and then binge, says the source. She’s in

I such a panic about her body, she spends all her time talking about her weight or looking at herself in the mirror. She’s absolutely obsessed. H

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Kim Kardashian 2017 Photos

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