Kimberly Wyatt Exclusive Interview

kimberly wyatt chats to ok!s chrIssIe reeves about settlIng In the uk, her body Issues and gettIng the traIn wIth lIam gallagher!

Kimberly Wyatt is on the hunt for her forever home. The 34-year-old former Pussycat Doll and her husband, English model Max Rogers, celebrated their second wedding anniversary on February 22, and now the American beauty has decided to settle in the UK for good. Along with Max, 33, she’s searching for a country pad to share with their 15-month-old daughter Willow and pet pups Cupid and Ty, with Kimberly telling OK!: Seeing my house in LA sold will be like saying goodbye to 11 years of my life, but I’m shifting into a new phase and looking for a house in the country, with a garden.

I’m living the dream!So are this beautiful pair planning on expanding their brood soon? Yes, we would definitely like one more, the former Got To Dance judge who was recently named a School Sport Ambassador for the Youth Sport Trust reveals. We’d love a boy; then we’d probably stick at two children. But if it was a girl, we’d probably try for a boy and end up with three girls!Here, OK! meets up with the new face of Specsavers near her home in south-west London for a spot of lunch and a chat about life, love and leaving Los Angeles behind her.

She’s into everything swimming, soft play, swings and slides. She wants a scooter, too, and tries to steal the scooters from older kids, but she’s only one! She has a real determination, like Max, and she’s shy in social situations like me. She loves music, so we took her to the Cornbury Festival [in the Cotswolds] and she was stomping her feet to the beat.

What did you do for her first birthday?

Her favourite food and her first word was apple, so we threw an apple-themed party with apple cake and gift bags for the parents with a biography of Apple founder Steve Jobs in them!

What’s the hardest thing about being a mum?

Seeing Willow ill or upset and not being able to take the pain away. My lowest moment was having to have a C-section, because I’d trained for a natural birth. I felt like something was taken away from me. But she was breech and my hips are quite narrow, so she couldn’t turn and her legs were above her head.

What’s your biggest fear for Willow growing up?

We’re in a really tough age of the selfie generation.

My fear is her getting trapped in the narcissistic selfie thing.

How many marks of ten would you give Max as a dad?

We both get an eight. He has OCD, so everything is organised [laughs]!

You and Max are busy parents do you still make time for date nights?

We try to go to the cinema, the theatre, dinner or wine tasting once a week.

How was your wedding anniversary?

We went to Paris for a few days and met Liam Gallagher, which was amazing. We took Willow on the Eurostar and a woman offered to let me change Willow’s nappy near her seat. Then I realised the guy next to her was Liam. Max couldn’t believe it when he saw one of his idols right next to me! We had a nice chat. He was like: You’re the dancey girl, I thought it was you!He was such a lovely guy and it was awesome. I loved Oasis.

How are you feeling about settling in the UK?

Excited. I never saw it coming until I had a family. I have always had a house in LA but I’m selling it to buy here I want my forever home, with a garden that I can make as sustainable as possible. I’d love to be in the country with sprawling fields, but Max still wants to live within the M25.

Do you miss being in the Pussycat Dolls?

I miss being with the girls and dancing and the inside jokes. We had a lot of laughs and they are all such talented, empowering women, but my priorities have shifted. My focus is not about being a pop star, it is more about bringing opportunities to dancers. Dance helps kids have a relationship with their bodies, no matter what shape they are.

Have you always felt body confident?

Not at all. I was picked on when I was younger for having a flat chest the kids would rub a wall and go: Oh, Kimberly!I was never the pretty girl. I had weight problems when I worked on cruise ships. When my costumes didn’t fit during the quick changes, I had to be weighed every week. The pressure to look good intensified when I moved to LA and I got horrendous cystic acne. It was at the start of the Pussycat Dolls it crushed my confidence and nearly cost me my place in the band.

How did you overcome that?

I tried medicine, but nothing worked so I changed the food that I ate. I realised that stress is the biggest part of any kind of ailment, so managing that became my focus. I got into fitness, spent time outdoors and wrote a journal. It’s been a ten-year journey. It also helped having a great friend in [fellow Pussycat Doll] Ashley Roberts. We’re always confused as twins and she’s Auntie Ash to Willow. I love having her in my life. Do you have days where you lack confidence? Yes, but I make sure I eat healthily or exercise with Max he’s always a good confidence booster. I came into my own as a woman when I met him. He made me feel beautiful in a way I’d never felt before and encourages me to get fit. He’ll also take over the baby shift so I can work out.

Are you strict about your diet?

I eat healthily but Max and I have a cheat day, which starts on Friday night and stops on Saturday night. We’ll have fish and chips, cake, the lot! I love cooking and since winning Celebrity MasterChef last year I have mastered the English roast, so we get our family over every Sunday. I couldn’t even make a cup of tea before!

Did you feel pressure to lose baby weight?

I do not like talking about my weight now. In the beginning I worked hard to get fit and I was splashing it about because I wanted to inspire other women, but I realised that it just puts more pressure on them. I just want to continue on my journey of wellness and feeling good.

Tell us about your role with Specsavers…

I’m the Specsavers Spectacle Of The Year ambassador and I will be presenting at the awards. There are some great charities involved and I’m a proud specs wearer, so I love what it stands for. Kimberly Wyatt Ltf

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Kimberly Wyatt Exclusive Interview

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