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‘Since 2010, I’d been battling tough personal issues: I’d experienced a lot of betrayal, including unfaithful partners. I’d tried my best to process the experiences, but I was full of anger and hurt. When others hurt me, my default was to look for what I had done to deserve that treatment. The result? A toxic cycle of self-blame. I’d replay what happened over and over to try to figure out what I could change or do better next time. I was also very reactive: when someone brought the issue up, I’d feel just as upset and angry as when it had first happened to me. My temper worsened and I was filled with resentment. ‘Then, in 2016, I met Gabi Bayly of Integrated Healing, and she suggested I try kinesiology.

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I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a shot. Kinesiology is a natural practice that’s all about muscles and movement. It identifies imbalances in your body’s energy and therapeutically helps to restore that balance. Emotions, habits, patterns and memories can create blocks that manifest themselves in the body; kinesiology helps to identify these and break them down and, in doing so, it helps you heal naturally. ‘At my first session with Gabi, I lay on the bed. She asked me to bend my arms. She pushed against my hands, and asked questions about my life and emotions. She’d use small pressure actions on my muscles – “muscle testing” – to get a sense of how I was feeling as I answered her questions. She could tell what was wrong with me by reading my physical reactions, rather than by what I was saying as she spoke to me.

‘Many emotions came up at that first session. It was amazing to be able to release the feelings and cry freely. Afterwards I felt exhausted and raw – but also calm. ‘After a session, I’m able to look at things from a new perspective. I stop obsessing over what I could have done differently. Physically, I feel a release of emotion. Kinesiology has helped me to let things go. Now I book a session whenever there’s an issue I need to resolve or process.’ Find qualified kinesiologists at Kinesiologysa.co.za.

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