Kissing Tips and Techniques

How to Do It Step By Step

If it is your first kiss ever, here’s what you need to do. (Please note that although this is written from the male perspective, it applies equally well to women!)

Prepare yourself beforehand so you aren’t too nervous.

Get close to the person you want to kiss, maybe by touching, cuddling, or playful tussling. Don’t make it too obvious; otherwise, there will be a little awkwardness between you. When it does come to the second you want to kiss her, you want to ensure you aren’t too far away.

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Now quickly de-stress.

Look at her in the eyes to make sure you both feel the same. If she doesn’t, she will pull away now. Looking at her also lets her know what’s going on so she does not get a fright and get flustered. Look at her mouth so you know exactly where you are aiming for. Don’t be fooled by how it is done in the movies and shut your eyes. People in real life kiss with open as well as closed eyes, and unless you see, there is a chance you may miss! It also means you do not have to have eye contact any longer, which is good because long amounts of eye contact can make people nervous.

Tilt your head to one side.
Open your lips slightly. Holding her by the back of the neck, move into her and KISS HER. Kiss either her bottom or her top lip. This way the lips get locked together naturally. Holding her by the back of the neck gives you control and will make her feel comfortable because it seems like you know what you are doing. You probably want to close your eyes as soon as your lips meet or whenever you feel comfortable. You will know when the right time is, and your eyes will seem to close by themselves. Slightly open-mouthed kisses are better than closed-mouth kisses, as parted lips feel more comfortable and make you feel closer. A slightly open mouth is better than a completely open mouth. It’s kind of like a build up to a proper kiss, to get a feel for each other and feel comfortable. Pull away a little to allow one another to catch your breath, absorb the sensations, and feel closer. Then kiss her again, a little more passionately, with your mouth a little wider. Repeat until you are comfortable.

Now’s the biggy!

Lightly, softly and slowly, start moving your tongue in and out of their mouth, massaging her tongue with yours.

Don’t forget to look into your partner’s eyes after your first kiss to make sure she wants to continue. If she feels that the kiss was inappropriate or does not want to continue, she will pull back. Stop if her body feels stiff or it feels like she’s not participating in the kisses, because those are signs she’s uncomfortable.

Kissing Tips and Techniques

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