After To meet earthquake-zone requirements, the load-bearing wall between the kitchen and living room was replaced with a seismic-moment frame (engineered to withstand an earthquake) running the length of the kitchen. Painted a rich red, the frame contributes architectural drama as well as structural integrity to the new open plan. Sleek cabinets of anagre wood are a natural foil for steel and slate. A frameless-mirror backsplash bounces light around and also implies a larger space behind and beyond the cabinets. The upper ledge running the length of the sink countertop helps protect the mirror from splashing water and provides “wall space” for receptacles. Floor plans: Extending the perimeter cabinets into the former dining area and adding an island unite the kitchen with the living and dining space. Open above and below to the adjoining hallway, the upper cabinets at the end of the kitchen appear to float. The cooktop over a separate oven, rather than a more traditional range, maintains the clean, unbroken edge on the inside of the island. The configuration is practical as well: the appliances can be of different sizes or powered by different energy sources. a Before A standard 8- foot ceiling, along with a narrow doorway into the dining room, made this 1940s ranch-style home’s kitchen feel cramped. Behind the white doors was an inadequate pantry. A vaulted ceil- After ing transformed the space without changing the perimeter thereby containing the cost. The large island provides deep storage and doubles as a buffet for entertaining. Maple cabinets join concrete countertops in a harmony of traditional and innovative materials. Kitchen continues What to Look for in 2016 Kitchen Design – The House Designers Ltf

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