Kitchen Dynamics

Ayurveda considers the effects of the environment on the food as key to a healthy diet. The quality of the kitchen environment, the cook’s feelings and attention, and the ingredients all interact dynamically to create a meal. The food, the raw material for the coming feast, is not only affected by the way it is prepared and heated, but it acts as a kind of carrier of everything that goes on during the entire cooking-serving-eating process. This is why the kitchen atmosphere is so important.

An efficient, peaceful kitchen environment enhances your most generous feelings and encourages you to use your full attention while preparing the meal. When cooking, if you feel you have all the time in the world, you calmly proceed at a pleasant pace, working in an orderly manner without interruptions, and you produce deeply satisfying meals. A busding, noisy, distracting atmosphere creates an unsettledness in the cook and the food.

Traditionally, the kitchen is only for cooking, and is separatedat least by a partition or an islandfrom the dining area and from direct access to the outside entry of the house or apartment. It should not be used as a passageway from one room to another. To keep it fresh and clean. In the Vedic tradition, outdoor clothing and shoes are not worn in the kitchen. Whenever possible, only the cook and those involved in food preparation should be in the kitchen while cooking is going on. You might find it helpful to anticipate the needs of others by setting out a carafe of hot water, tea, juice, or fresh fruit in the dining area to keep from being unnecessarily disturbed.

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Kitchen Dynamics

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