KIWIFRUIT A Great Weight Loss Food

KIWIFRUIT A Great Weight Loss Food

Kiwifruit are best recognised for their decorative appearance on desserts such as the pavlova. The kiwifruit is a fair source of vitamin A (175 IU) in combination with its excellent supply of vitamin C (75-97mg), which is more than oranges. The kiwifruit is a great alternative for people who dislike citrus fruits. One kiwifruit can provide twice the basic daily vitamin C requirement for adults. Let the kiwifruit balance and protect your immune system.

Kiwifruit also provide the trace mineral copper (0.16mg), a fair iron content (0.41mg) plus a good supply of potassium (330mg) and a small supply of calcium (26mg). Kiwifruit contain phytonutrients that protect the development of new cells from oxidation in addition to the action of vitamin C. For children, kiwifruit have proved beneficial in cases of respiratory problems such as night-coughing and wheezing. Try kiwifruit in the next tropical fruit salad, or try an apple and kiwifruit juice combination. The gooseberry or kiwifruit, when taken regularly, can be an ideal natural way to help.

NOTE: All amounts in this blog are measured in milligrams (mg) per 100 grams, unless stated otherwise.

GLYCEMIC CALORIES – total: 29 kcal. per 100 grams

INDEX: 20 Calories from: Carb: 23 Protein: 4 Fat: 3

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KIWIFRUIT A Great Weight Loss Food

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