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Lau’s singer/guitarist comes up with another solo gem

Kris Drever is nowadays recognised equally as an integral member of folk super group Lau and as a solo performer, and this offering celebrates his ten years as a solo artist. IF WISHES WERE HORSES is largely semi-biographical and finds Drever reminiscing over his past and how his life has turned out, hopefully for the better.

I Didn’t Try Hard Enough sets the scene as he muses over a factory job he loved before hitting hard times, leading to a break up, whilst When We Roll In The Morning celebrates the third love in his life. Five Past Two

finds Kris struggling to overcome the boredom of working at home and Hard Year again picks up the theme of difficult times. Ten superbly crafted selfpenned numbers together with folk classic Capernaum, a historical commentary on Edinburgh, make this something of a special album.

With support provided by Ian Carr (guitar, trumpet), Euan Burton (bass, organ, piano) and Louis Abbott (drums) with Yolanda Quartey adding some beautiful vocals, this could easily be a contender for folk

album of the year. The stand out tracks for me were the ballad The Longest Day and Shipwrecked, although I’m not sure the final lineNo one gets shipwrecked anymoreneeded to be repeated eight times; a nice catchy melody though. Kris Drever is blessed with excellent vocal talents although I found at times his voice drifted slightly off key. A minor criticism; this is an excellent folk album by an accomplished artist. John Roffey

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Kris Drever

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