KUTULLO MULAUDZI ‘Nothing was going to stop me from starting my own business’


It was only when I became a stay-at-home mom to two children that I realised how difficult it is to juggle kids and a full-time job. Parenting already felt like my full-time job, and it certainly kept me busy! I couldn’t imagine how some women managed to do both. This thought was the inspiration behind my start-up business, Women Hands-On.

KUTULLO MULAUDZI ‘Nothing was going to stop me from starting my own business’ Photo Gallery

I knew there was a need for a service that helped busy women with the tasks that they just couldn’t always do themselves, anything from babysitting for a few hours to cleaning the house or helping at the odd family event. I made it my mission to match these women with professionals who could help make their lives easier.

Starting a business was all brand new to me but I knew I had to begin with the basics: a business name, a logo and a website. With that sorted, I then started placing adverts in local newspapers and handing out flyers. As it turns out, social media was the most effective way to spread the word about the services I offered, and it didn’t cost me a fortune. The big challenge was finding staff who supported my vision and, crucially, who wouldn’t mind not being paid for the first few months.

I was very lucky to find the warm, understanding people who patiently took this journey with me. They now get paid for the hours of work they do and we’re still going strong a year and a half later! Most of our clients approach us for help with child-minding or cleaning their homes, but we are constantly researching different and innovative ways to help out busy moms. Working for myself has been an adventure to say the least – and launching a new business just after having a baby was no easy task, but I’m so glad I did it. I’m pleased with how far we’ve all come, and I can’t wait to see how the business grows. Sometimes women, especially working mothers, need a little extra help and support, and that’s why Women Hands-On is here.

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