Kylie Jenner’s Lip Injectable Nurse Pawnta Shares Her Tips and Tricks for Getting Filler

Kylie Jenner’s Lip Injectable Nurse Pawnta Shares Her Tips and Tricks for Getting Filler content/uploads/2018/10/kylie

The Details on Kylie’s Lips

Hey guys it is kylie for anyone who does not know.  I am about to show you guys how I beat your face first I start with my brows I already moisturized, and put a chopstick on.  I never used to be good at brows jordan was always like used to do my brows dan.  I kind of just learned what I like I conceal right underneath to shape the brow. And then I apply it all over my lid as like a base for my eyeshadow.

I take my beauty blender, and I just like fund it out face powder eye shadow, and I am using one of my new palette I am going in with some of the hat shades my crease, and I am just pretty much like shaping my eye it is gonna do kind of like a simple today. Because does not mean I am not trying to be too crazy using shade I am gonna put this under my brow bone.

I test out most of my stuff on jordan cuz we live together. So I am like jordan I need you everyone that comes in my house is like red tinted arms, or like sreades, and like shadows now.  I am gonna go in with this darker brown kind of gives me more of like a cut crease right in the center my new favorite cold shade perfectly this summer, and I am gonna just take it on my finger cuz.

Why Natural Lips Help You Stand Out

Kylie Jenner/Instagram content/uploads/2018/10/kylie jenner

How to Prep for a Touchup

I feel like that, just works best sometimes it is like such a bright goal that has kind of like a copper tang to it it is definitely I think my favorite gold have ever created I am gonna do something a little crazy, and take a juice, and you this orange has some shimmer to it, and put it my tear duct. content/uploads/2018/10/kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

So that is amazing. And then I am gonna take a makeup wipe, and just wipe the excess that is why I do my foundation after eyeshadow eyeshadow falls down. And then your face is not anymore well I just found these marc jacobs fantasy dew drops, and I am kind of obsessed wanting squared of this I do have a spray tan right now. So I am gonna do like the four squirts my hair I kind of like my freckles to show through my makeup I know it looks like I am putting loads on. But I blend it out really good. So that it does not look too heavy. And then I always take it down to my neck I just blend it all in. content/uploads/2018/10/Kylie Jenner Babies Travis

What You Can Expect Afterwards content/uploads/2017/10/gettyimages

The Number One Goal at Motykie Med Spa



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