Lady Bonın’s Tea Parlour

Tea – a substance that is synonymous with tranquillity, calm and comfort – is not something that people always make time for these days. But Jessica Bonin wanted to change that. With Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour in Cape Town, she’s made a place where people can slow down the pace of their lives and make some real connections… ‘The parlour represents harmony, simplicity and the natural world. Tea harks back to a slower and more fl uid era,’ says Bonin, who has included décor elements from all over the world. The parlour, like the tea trade routes of the past, connects the European, Middle Eastern, Indian and Japanese worlds. Floor seating originates from Japan. The cushions are made of recycled T-shirt material, woven in Malawi. There are old Dutch lampshades, and antique kettles from Turkey. Inspired by her trip to India, Bonin wanted to give people the time to reconnect with one another and feel rejuvenated. ‘In India I’m amazed by the sharing, the love and the countless opportunities to connect with other people – and the catalyst for all this is tea.’

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Lady Bonıns Tea Parlour

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