Lady Gaga’s Glam Team Reveals How Her Star Looks Are Born

Lady Gaga’s Glam Team Reveals How Her Star Looks Are Born


Make Mascara With A Blueberry!

Why’d you give me blueberries, why not okay puberty you could either eat it or wear. It all you need are blueberries but don’t, just start playing blueberries in, your eyelashes that’s tough nor just throw some blueberries into a bowl.  And just throw it in the freezer for about five, minutes after those five minutes, take the blueberries out of the freezer and feel them to see if they’re half squishy half frozen.

Because that comes out way more pigmented now just take, a fork and start crushing, those blueberries once you’ve crushed the blueberry to your liking just take the fork and flip it over and then start crushing it with the other side.  Because most of the pigments are in the skin anyways, just take a q,-tip and dip it in the product but if you’re not into putting few tips on your eyelashes when you choose a mascara brush then just apply a couple coats like you would do with regular mascara here’s a trip down. If you want your eyelashes to be thicker than apply, some baby powder to the, lower area of your lashes and then just apply another coat of the mascara onto your eyelashes.


Gaga at the A Star Is Born UK premiere.


Gaga’s beauty look usually starts with her inspirations.

And then if you want your eyelashes to be even, longer then just apply the, baby powder do the tips and then apply another coat again since it is literally just a blueberry it doesn’t last that all right this is just a fruit it doesn’t last that long. So when you make it just just I have seen, the blue berries and use, one at a time ba-bye mascara if you try to stand I might scare out then tweet or Instagram me a picture with the hashtag our CL mascara because I genuinely want to see how this worked out for you and don’t forget to comment.




Gaga at the Venice premiere of A Star Is Born

Every beauty look is meticulously planned.


Gaga at the Los Angeles premiere of A Star Is Born.

Her glam team test-drives looks on themselves.

Her 2017 Superbowl performance was nerve-wrecking.

They always have fun creating looks for the Grammy Awards.

The 58th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

2018 Grammy Awards

They are always aware of how influential Gaga’s beauty looks are.

Lady Gagas Glam Team Reveals How Her Star Looks Are Born

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