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The bitter gum is secreted from Astragaphus species belonging to Leguminosae family of plants (the most suitable plant for this purpose is A. Gummifer). Typically, it can be supplied in very solid, dry, curled, ribbon-shaped, white, yellow transparent chips or powder. As with acacia gum, a small amount of gum causes the water to become gel-like, so I usually use either acacia or tragacanth (and sometimes both) to improve the makeup of creams and lotions.

In fact, the gel can be prepared using either powder or chips, while the chips tend to form a softer gel, the powder tends to decompose. It takes time to prepare gels from chopsticks, but the structure they provide is worth it. I prepare it in less than this and use it little by little in the refrigerator to prepare different products. Add the emulsion to the water phase of the emulsion prepared, and observe the following information to prepare the gel.

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Preparation of Gastric Jam Preparation

Put a 2 gram tanned gummy pieces into a watering glass measuring a parseks. Using a hand mixer, blend the pieces thoroughly until they come to the juice and gel course. As the pieces melt very slowly and only in very hot liquids, you may have to redisplify the jet several times in the microwave (medium or high).

Repeat reheating and mixing until a clear, firm gel is obtained. Remove the chips that are completely melting. Keep the prepared gel mixture in the fridge in a tightly closed glass jar and use it when necessary in the formulas.

To prepare powdery tincture, do the above procedure, but use a glass of water 1 teaspoon of powder (which can not be shown with a gram scale).

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