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Want to crank up the intensity of your next dance workout? Emily Williams, from the EMDP, says these are the high-intensity classes to sign up for.


Rock out; work out. POUND is a 45-minute workout for rock fans that combines light resistance with constant drumming motions, using special drumsticks called Ripstix. The workout fuses drumming, Pilates and plyometric movements to burn up to 600 calories. Plus, you will work muscles you’d almost forgotten you had.


Move your feet to the Block Fit beat! New kid on the fitness block, Block Fit, has been created by X Factor’s Chicoit’s Chico time!Slimani. Block Fit is a fusion of dance, combat, HIIT, yoga-inspired moves and meditation.

It’s a mind, body, and soul approach performed to easy-to-follow blocks of choreography.

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Latest workout news and research

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