Layered Haircuts For Medium Hair With Side Bangs 

Lifestyle for your healtly hair

At the risk of sounding like the proverbial broken record, lifestyle affects every part of your life, even your hair’s growth and health.

The Facts: Put simply, exercise increases blood circulation, whereas alcohol depletes your body of essential nutrients and smoking cigarettes reduces blood flow.

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Each of these factors has a significant influence on the health of your scalp, and an unhealthy scalp will cause a reduction in hair growth.

A watched pot never boils

Growing hair long and healthy will take commitment, and you will have to make sacrifices. This may mean giving up your favourite styling technique and other lifestyle changes.

The Facts: Your hair can grow from between a few millimetres to a couple of centimetres every month. Genetics and diet play a major role in your hair’s ability to grow. The amount of hair that breaks off or you cut off will also affect the time it takes to grow your hair too.

Growing out damage will take time; during that time you can be proactive in taking good care of your hair to stop further damage and to support new growth.

Lifestyle changes will take around three months to result in real hair improvements, so patience is essential.

Layered Haircuts For Medium Hair With Side Bangs 

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