Layered Hairstyles Older Women 

Hair is like an onion: it has many layers

Over time the cuticle’s shingles lift, making hair feel rough, dull looking and increasingly difficult to manage. When the cuticle can no longer keep the inner hair fibre components tightly wrapped, split ends occur and the fibres begin to fray, causing breakage.

The cortex takes up most of the room in the hair shaft. It contains the pigment that gives your hair its natural colour and is responsible for giving your hair its strength and elasticity.

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When your hair is chemically dyed, permed, relaxed or straightened, it is the cortex layer that is permanently affected, seldom to your hair’s benefit.

The medulla, also called the marrow of the hair, is usually only found in coarse, thick hair. It is a hollow shaft found inside the cortex. Fine and naturally blonde hair is often lacking a medulla, and is more susceptible to damage. With no ‘backbone’, fine and thin hair cannot sustain the persistent torture we inflict on it like our thicker, coarser-haired friends.

Layered Hairstyles Older Women 

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