Lemon and Lime Wedges

Wedged lemons and limes are good to serve at any main meal. They add both color and a sour taste. When eaten with the heavier parts of the dinner, they help to refresh the palate. In small quantities, lemons and limes aid digestion.

Cut a washed lemon and lime in narrow wedges and arrange in alternating colors on a small plate.

As she became friends with the moms on her floor, I started bringing treats she could share, such as cupcakes and fruit salad. My son looked forward to these trips as they always involved either a visit to the children’s indoor playground on the pediatric unit or a swing ride outside on one of the porch swings. In a way, these visits helped familiarize him with hospitals, letting him see they weren’t a scary place but rather a place where people who were sick got the help they needed. During our visits we also spent time in the common room with my friend and the other moms. They soon accepted me as an honorary mom and I was included in the group discussions. I was impressed with the strength of these women, who were all hours away from family and friends, but had somehow come together to support each other. Even though they were from different backgrounds, their shared experience made them friends. I also heard the stories of siblings, parents, and friends who lived close to the hospital but never visited and the hurt their absence caused these women. Some of these friends lived a short drive away, but were too busy in their daily lives to make the trip to the hospital. If you are able to visit, make the trip.

Lemon and Lime Wedges

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