Lewis and Leigh NIGHT DRIVES

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Al Lewis from Wales and Alva Leigh from

Mississippi are, unsurprisingly, Lewis and Leigh and they met in London, where they bonded through their common love of the music that this magazine loves. A perfect match.

This four track EP seems to be the first fruit of their collaboration and, on the basis of their three co-written originals, this will not be the last we hear of them. If it is then there needs to be a steward’s enquiry of the highest order.

Having said that, it is difficult to really pick out the details of what makes this so good, it just all comes together so well and all appears so effortless. The songs, voices and arrangements are all of very high standard, and you must have something in your favour if you can persuade the pedal steel maestro BJ Cole to play on your first outing.

Having praised their three original songs, performed in band format, I should also mention the fourth song which is a cover of the Jeff Tweedy song SayYouMissMe, performed by the duo as you would see them live, which, having done so, I can also recommend.

This review may be short, but it is not due to any lack of quality, elegance or eloquence. NIGHT DRIVES has all three in abundance, and that all leaves me rather speechless. Ian Ambrose


Lewis and Leigh NIGHT DRIVES

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