Light cues for makeup

Light cues for makeup

If the colored rays fall on top of the color material, it is possible to reflect them. Then we can see the colors. If these rays fall into a color immediately, the color becomes distorted.


The beams are reflected and the hat appears red.

But think of a GREEN RIBBON IN A RED HAT. Since the hat can only reflect the red rays, the green rays are absorbed, nothing is reflected and the hat becomes black.


Add a green light and a black hat against the green background. Turn the light red and you will get a red hat with a black background. Only the white light (or the red and green light at the same time) can give a green backplane and a red hat.

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The absorption and reflection of light is used in some small movements, such as a white man suddenly turning to a black man in front of the audience. But your problem comes from ignoring them. It usually looks like a strong blue or green with at least one month of light or a street lamp. There is no need for general fixes.

The problem of convergence with the effects of the exact connection numbers of the light is far from simple. It is impossible to offer you something that can solve all the problems. Section can be made. But it would be wrong. Only the make-up of certain shadows may change over the makers, but the light sources may also change. Only practical results appear to be generalizable and the player leaves the details to himself.

There are a lot of practical considerations, for example:
First try to make up in a light seen by the spectators. Ideally, the bedroom or makeup room lights may combine with the sahene. The bedroom is already mostly not equipped at all. Some special fixes are possible, if possible. A couple of small spotlights can help a lot in a large bedroom.

Secondly, when possible, look at the house. For example, this can be done in a dresses ceremony. If you are doing your own order, you want someone who you trust in the judge to look after you and criticize you from it. If the order after the last approval is lying with the director, he is the only one who will do it. But it may not be the best person to give constructive suggestions to artists. If the artist is aware of them, he controls the scheme under the lights and takes the last instruction from the director.

Thirdly, you need to know the effect of the main colors in the colors. In general, the following principles apply.

Light cues for makeup

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