Priyanka Chopra Short Haircut 

For a period of four years I made a decision that everything that my hair needed done to it, I was going to do. The only service that I sought out a professional stylist for was my twice a year hair trim. Everything else from washing to conditioning to deep conditioning treatments to henna color treatments I decided to do myself.

Priyanka Chopra Short Haircut  Photo Gallery

Primarily this decision was made because I needed to understand and know my own hair. I was determined to establish a relationship of love and respect with my hair.

During this journey I would pay particular attention to other naturally styled individuals and spent many hours watching Youtube videos. In my observations I saw many textures, curl patterns, styles and varying degrees of moisture and curl definition, from very dry and coarse looking to very moist defined curls.

Priyanka Chopra Short Haircut 

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