Little girls long hair cut

However, four years ago, Plastics South Africa approached me and showed me how to make my own plastic. I do the paintings in my studio, which is in Booysens, Johannesburg. I have many highlights in my career, but I will choose two: Little girls long hair cut DaVinci Hotel in Johannesburg asked me to make a 35m X 4m painting -that’s half of a football field – for its lobby area. That project is special to me because as long as the hotel is around, my work remains alive too. The hotel is named after one of the greatest artists of old times, Leonardo da Vinci, so it all fits well. Last year, Coca Cola asked me to exhibit in its Contour Bottle Art Exhibition, and my work was showcased alongside the late iconic American artist Andy Warhol’s. It was such an honour because I have always admired him and his work.

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Little girls long hair cut

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