How To Live A More Action Packed Life

Melody Kane

The award-winning BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ and fitness fan tells us about her action-packed life.

I Wake up around 7.30am and have a glass of lemon water to cleanse my system.Then I check my emails and head to the gym to do fasted cardio as it works best for my body. I spend two hours working out, but mix it up as it can be sterile otherwise. If the weather’s good, I’ll head out to Epping Forest fora workout and take my skipping rope. Being in nature helps me push my endurance more and the psychological effects are better too. If the weather’s bad, I’ll do a Spin or circuits class instead. I prefer group training, and always make sure I get a full-body workout.‘Around 11am, I go home and haven organic green juice or smoothie with almond milk, dates, peanut butter, nutmeg and oats. I’ve found out I’m gluten intolerant so use gluten-free oats instead of spelt now.Then I shower and dress in workout gear before heading to the BBC to record a mix, have a meeting or get some work done – I work better in an office.

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I like tobe in gym clothes as London’s a playground to train in– I walk up the escalators, for instance, and my friends often call me and ask if I want to join them for a workout, so I’m always prepared!‘I’m a self-employed DJ and I’ve worked for the BBC for about five years on different shows but, since last year, I have a residency on Radio 1Xtra and DJ the first Wednesday of every month from 11pm-1am, plusI cover shows for other people. I snack on organic moringa seeds during the day – they’re full of vitamin C, calcium and more. I love datestoo. I travel a lot with work in the summer, from Devon to Ibiza andbeyond. I love the mix of work Ido – I did the Asics marathon party,for example and do vegan nights in Brick Lane – music complements every area of our lives. I’ve had an agent for the last year, and I recently got an amazing manager to help me build No Kane, No Gain ( These Are really inclusive, non-intimidating fitness events where the music is just as important as the exercise element. There are two trainers (one does a higher-intensity version) and a guest MC to encourage the crowd and host. Part of the session includes games such as tug of war. I DJ and take partin the workout too!’


‘It’s taken me 10 years to build up my career. It all started when I met[rapper] LL Cool J in a club in Atlanta.I was working in sales and marketing at the time, and he told me to follow my dreams. I quit my job and spent a year living frugally and practising my DJing,then approached promoters. There were no computers doing the mixing for you then!‘I became vegan four years ago,after meeting Chris Eubank’s son,Seb, a vegan boxer. I felt so much better after cutting out meat and dairy, and also tried and enjoyed boxing. Then I did the Brighton Marathon a few years ago. These Things encouraged me to take my health and fitness to another level.‘Mid afternoon, I’ll eat a chickpea burger and superfood salad. It’s great that more places are serving vegan food, but there’s also more vegan junk food around…’


‘I work out most weekday evenings. I playnetball on a Monday, and on Tuesdays, I runwith Run Dem Crew ( I Don’t train at the weekends because I’m Usually DJing. After training, I eat something light and not too carby, such as a salad or homemade stew – I try to do intermittent fasting, where you only eat between 12pm and 7pm. After dinner, I relax, go through some music and read, then meditate. I’d Love to grow No Kane, No Gain into a global brand and roll it out to under 18s too.’


For maximum energy, find that balance between training and resting.

I love to challenge myself to do a specific exercise to a whole track that I’m really into. It could anything from dancehall to hip-hop in the gym and maybe some house for running.

The times and places of workouts can change, but if you’re focused, you’ll always make it work!

How To Live A More Action Packed Life

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