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It’s true, we have been really lucky. The friendships in the band go almost further back than we can remember. Adam a Zoe played in their first bands together when they were little kids, and Ben a Ryan grew up playing music together too. Long haircuts for little girls As Adam a I started to play duo shows, it seemed only natural that we should have our friends sit in on different tunes from time to time, and the growth to a five-piece happened really naturally. We’ve toured as a trio and a four-piece too over the years, but now it is all five of us 99% of the time.

Can you tell us about the name, Fish & Bird? Is it related to Tom Wait’s song from his ALICE album?

Coming up with a band name is the worst. There are so many bad band names out there. When Adam and I were recording the first album, I would look through his music collection while he was mixing and just read off song titles, and Fish & Bird I think was the first thing I read off that didn’t sound horrible to us. That Tom Waits song is so beautiful, and in retrospect, Long haircuts for little girls I think that the theme of contradictions applies to the band in a lot of ways, because a lot of our influences come from different musical worlds, and we really like to find the commonality in things that do not seem compatible at first thought.

The music has a folk base but the songs change direction and time somewhat like one would expect in jazz or experimental string quartets. Is there a degree of improvisation either when recording or playing live?

When I was 16,1 was definitely a bit more self-aware about it beingcool” to write in 54 or use a more left-field chord change, but nowadays, Long haircuts for little girls I barely hear those twists and turns anymore. They just end up in the songs purely as a part of the process of writing and arranging, because it is just our natural musical vocabulary. A lot of the arrangements do take a long time to perfect, but we leave a lot of room for things to change as we play the songs live. We re actually preparing to make a live recording to document some of the changes that have happened to some of our older songs as they have morphed on stage.

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Long haircuts for little girls

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