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For major protection and power there is nothing more potent than Oreganol P73. That’s because Oreganol creates heat in the body, while supporting the health of all cells. You’ll feel the warmth and the power every time you take it. Experience how Oreganol P73 creates heat in your body, especially when you are damp and cold. Feel the heat, too, when you rub it all over your body.

Rub it on your children and even the paws of your pets, as well as on the hands and feet for cold exposure. For extra protection take a few drops before leaving the house. With Oreganol P73 it is not just the heat. Oreganol is a unique blend of wild oregano species potent spice oils at their best. Plus, it is non-GMO while, incredibly, dozens of imitation oregano oils on the market are contaminated with GMOs. Oreganol P73 is also an antioxidant, the active ingredients measuring 3000 on the ORAC scale (100 times more powerful than blueberries).

P73 (wild mountain phenolic power) stands for the power and potency you need to make your winter as healthy as possible. Take it every day, rub it on your body, and experience the protective power of Oreganol P73, inside and out. For additional infonnation about Oreganol and our other fine products, please visit: www.p-73.com/oreganol-nd These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Also available in a convenience pack and air-cleansing spray.

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Long haircuts on pinterest

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