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Thanking the crowd, the Red Sky July trio calmly slipped back into the audience once more, to join and greet their most ardent supporters. Megan Gnad www.redskyjuly.com stories and feel the need to tell them to the beat of a country tune. They’re proudly British, Long layered bob haircuts yet bravely taking on something with such deep American roots, in an authentic and real way.

On stage you can tell how much they love the songs they are performing – even at times mouthing the other’s words – and loving every moment of introducing their style to future fans. They comfortably performed beautiful melodies and harmonies unique to those you only hear when close family members sing together.

Closing the show with another classic rendition of Dolly Parton’s 9-5, Long layered bob haircuts the audience was encouraged to join in for a sing-a-long. If they weren’t already, I think the crowd at St. Pancras Hotel that cold, wet evening, went away with a new appreciation and understanding of the music these girls perform so well.

Lizanne Knott and Bill Reveles are seasoned performers and songwriters in their own right, with songs covered by other artists and used in TV shows and films. Long layered bob haircuts As with many experienced songwriters in the United States, the two moved to Nashville to soak up the inspirational juices found there. Lizanne hails from Philadelphia and Bill’s formative years were in Los Angeles. Lizanne is known to UK audiences and counts legendary BBC presenter Bob Harris among her many supporters.

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Long layered bob haircuts

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