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Two years later came an incident that cemented my friendship with Fleur: my divorce from my husband of seven years. It wasn’t an easy breakup, so at the weekend I’d see Fleur. If we wanted to talk, we would – or if we simply wanted to sit and watch TV in silence, that was fine, too. It was just what I needed. Now I feel I’m returning the favour Fleur’s job is in Surrey and Dad’s in Sheffield. It means she’s on her own during the week, so she’ll ask if she can come round to be with family- which says so much about our relationship. And now you’d probably think it is Dad who’s the outsider. The age gap between them has become more apparent because Fleur’s blossomed in her forties. Long straight hair haircuts It’s odd to think we got off to a tricky start. Long straight hair haircuts She’s the best thing ever to happen to Dad and I’m lucky to count her as a friend. Just 18 months separate Lisa Webb and her dad’s wife Fleur.. Fleur Manuel, 45, is married to Ray Webb, 64, and mum to Luke, 24, Billy, 21, Joshua, 17, and Olivia, 14. Long straight hair haircuts She says: There are times when a stepmother i ; n 111 p us I ied out – particularly when a stepdaughter has made her indifference or dislike clear. No doubt, Lisa was Daddy’s girl. Ray adored her – and still does – and when she visited, she’d monopolise his attention, sitting next to him so I couldn’t and talking over me. I tried not to let it get to me as she’d been through a lot with the end of her parentsmarriage. Although we were almost the same age, I felt more mature.

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Long straight hair haircuts

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