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747 has some stunning contrast and I personally enjoyed the effortless transition between light and dark, was that something they set out to achieve? Oh thank you! Absolutely. Long trendy haircuts I think that’s representative of just people in general. You have moments of being really optimistic and light and then you have those moments where you are alone, and at night a lot of the time, and you are going through a hard time and you go to that dark place. And I think it is just representative of real life; those highs and lows. We really tried and pride ourselves on being authentic. We write and record songs that we relate to. We do not ever want to record a song that we have not lived.

A lot of these songs are about different things that have happened in our lives. Long trendy haircuts They’re not completely autobiographical but inspired by our lives. And I think that’s why we have been so passionate about making sure that we have time to live, in the midst of touring and in the midst of recording. Because if we do not have our own personal life to pull from what are we gonna write about? (Hillary)

Album closer, Just A Girl is subtle and quietly self-assured, do they think all these new experiences have made them more assured as artists? I think I, honestly, have become much more confident as a woman in music but also just a woman in life, since I got pregnant and had my daughter. I think it is just wanting to live with purpose and to show her that it is important to be strong, to say what you think but to also appreciate those parts about you that are tender and heartfelt and emotional. It’s the yin and yang of who we are… I liked the fact that [the album] closed with [Just A Girl]. The album opens with Long Stretch Of Love which is an anthem for couples but also for us as a band – knowing that we want to be around for a long time and building longevity. And then I love the close of Just A Girl being vulnerable yet really strong The girl is not afraid to say what she thinks and to have her standards and not flee from them or waver.

Strength and vulnerability run throughout 747. Crisp and confident production meets thoughtful lyrics and vocals. Long trendy haircuts The band pushed boundaries but also celebrated their foundations. All three strove for honesty and to stay true to who we have always been. And that’s a band that’s always been focussed on writing and recording great songs and the harmony blend. I think that as we get older, you just feel more solidified in your opinions and feelings on life because you have more life experience under your belt. You can perform the stories that these songs talk about with more conviction and with more gusto because you have lived it. And it is not just the first time your heart’s broken, your heart’s been broken two, three or four times. So you sing about a heartbreak a lot more intensely once you have felt it more than once. (Hillary)

And how do Lady Antebellum feel about headlining C2C and bringing all this new experience and material to UK fan,!

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Long trendy haircuts

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