How to: Loose Braided Updo Hair Tutorial

Hey everyone Kayleigh here today I’m coming at you with this loose pulled apart updo because we are getting into that time of year for homecomings and formals So I wanted to give you a pretty updo you could wear to it But you could pretty much wear this anytime you want to feel a little fancy. I’m excited to show you so let’s get into it Starting with step one you are going to start with a side part and section your hair from the end of your part to just below Your ear and clip everything else out of the way if you have fine hair use some texturizing spray through the section We’ve left down.

Now you are going to Dutch braid this section We’ve left down and starting near your hairline and ending behind your ear Braid a couple of times normally and hold your place with a bobby pin Now pull apart that braid and get it as large as you like.

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You can also shimmy a bobby pin into the braid this helps hold the hair in place when you pull it apart which equals more volume Now let the rest of your hair down and bring it and the tail of your braid together to create the fishtail braid Start at the nape of your neck and go all the way down your hair stopping occasionally to pull apart the fishtail braid.

At the end secure it with an elastic and go through one more time to fluff it out even more Finally you wrap that fishtail braid into a bun Use your bobby pins and a sewing motion through the bun for extra holds and make sure to hit each side of the bun with.

A pin, and then if you need more security crisscross new pins into the ones that are already in there for a super-duper secure hold And once you have done that this hairstyle is done, and that’s it this hairstyle is soft and beautiful It’s definitely great for a formal occasion or any time you want a pretty updo, and that’s it for today’s post Don’t forget that I’m always uploading new hair tutorials.

How to: Loose Braided Updo Hair Tutorial

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