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But What About Sweeteners?

Sweeteners contain few, if any, calories. They occur in many processed foods, in sodas and juices, so are they bad for you too or are they a good substitute for sugar? If sugar is public enemy number one, are sweetners the answer, and how does your body react to sweeteners?

When sweeteners were first introduced they were deemed to be a safe,no calorieoption to sugar.Sugar FreeandDietproducts containing sweeteners such as saccharine and aspartame appeared everywhere. But following years of research, sweeteners now appear not to be the wonder ingredient they were once heralded to be.

Sweetners may reduce your sugar consumption, but they may also make you put on weight, not lose it.

Why? Because when you eat or drink something containing a sweetener your brain is tricked into believing that something pleasurable containing calories is going to arrive -like sugar.

As soon as you taste the sweetness of the sweetener, your reward system is activated just as it would be with sugar, and dopamine is released. This where the problems start. Because the sweetener contains no calories, there’s nothing to activate leptin, nothing to switch off your reward system. Nothing to stop the release of dopamine. The result is that you do not want the good feeling to stop so you continue to drink more sweetened soda.

But here’s the rub! When no calories appear, your brain feels cheated. It wants to make up for the calories it is been cheated out of. As a consequence you go looking for something make up for all those missing calories, and your preference is usually a sugary snack. The result is that you end up eating more calories than you might otherwise have done, and you put on weight.

Drinks containing sweeteners, artificial ones like saccharine and aspartame or natural sweeteners such as Stevia and derivatives, are NOT the answer to the sugar problem. All they do is create another problem which has the same outcome – weight gain!

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How To Lose Weight The Fastest

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