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What about normal days?

On normal days, there is no restriction on what you eat. All you have to do is to keep as near as you can to your RDA of sugar, fibre, salt, fat and saturated fat. This still gives you a huge choice of amazing food to eat, but it will mean eating less processed food, ready meals and fast food – and an end to drinking calories from fruit juices, smoothies and sugar-laced drinks. As an added bonus you will find that the quality of what you eat will improve.

What do you think your hunter gatherer ancestors looked like? In a word, lean. Although there would be times of feast when they would gain weight, it would have been highly unlikely if any of them were overweight. Days when they had very little to eat, low calorie days, would have kept their weight in check. Low calorie days can do the same for you too.

Getting in sync: Stop eating food that does you harm!

It’s the quality of the food you eat that’s the root cause of your evolutionary mismatch. You’ve been pushed out of the driving seat and your biochemistry is in control of what you eat and how much you eat. But now at least you know!

You now have the knowledge and understanding about how your body reacts to what you eat and the consequences that follow. You know what causes your evolutionary mismatch. Now you can do something about it.

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Lose Weight Quick Exercise Program

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