Lose Weight Quick Exercises

What You Need To Do

This is your Slim Habit. This is your chance to set a new course, to take back control of your weight and enjoy a healthy life.

You have the knowledge!

Now you know what causes your evolutionary mismatch and why your biochemistry is able to take control of why you eat and what you eat. There is no longer any mystery of why things happen, and now you know what you can do to make real and lasting change in your life. Knowledge is power and you have that power.

Diet – Recommended Daily Allowances

Keep as near to your Recommended Daily Allowances as you can and you will get your body back in sync with your evolutionary present. Your biochemistry will work for you, rather than against you.

Low Calorie Days

Low Calorie days give you the ability to manage and control your weight and to keep your body in sync, trim and healthy.


Regular aerobic, resistance and flexibility exercise will supercharge your weight loss and allow you to enjoy a slim healthy life.

The Slim Habit is:

Knowledge Diet – Recommended Daily Allowances Low Calorie Days Exercise

Your Slim Habit

If you have completed the preparation phrase, you should be ready to start your Slim Habit. Remember, your Slim Habit is not like a diet. It’s not something you do for a few weeks. It’s a new way of life. The Slim Habits you learn will become part of what you do, of who you are. Its secret is its simplicity. All you have to do is to try, to be determined, and success will be yours. This is the moment when you take control.

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Lose Weight Quick Exercises

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