How To Lose Weight Quickly With Exercise

Managing your Low Calorie days

You can use Low Calorie Days in a number of different ways. They will always have an positive effect on your general health and your weight. Two Low Calorie Days each week is recommended for best results.

Two Low Calorie Days a week (on non-consecutive days). Not only will these deliver gradual weight loss, you will find your cholesterol levels will improve, you will get rid of your toxic fat, and your waistline will become smaller – and as an added bonus, you will feel great.

Add another day. You can add another day and do three Low Calorie Days a week (on non-consecutive days). This will produce faster results, but if you decide to do 3 LCD’s it might be better to do it every other week.

Alternate day Low Calorie Days This is quite hardcore and you may find this difficult to do. Obviously you will lose more weight the more days you do, but it is unwise to overdo it. A gradual approach is more likely to produce better long-term results.

One Low Calorie Day a week. Once you have reached your target weight it is a good idea to have at least one low calorie day every week to keepin tune, to support your general wellbeing and manage your weight.

A Low Calorie Day is always useful following a day when you have eaten more than you should. It gets you back to where you were. Yes, you can enjoy yourself and still be in control of your weight!

When starting to do Low Calorie Days it is a good idea to take things slowly. When you first start, the thought of eating very little for a whole day can be a little daunting, but when you have done it once or twice you will think nothing of it. If you include protein in what you eat for breakfast it will help stave off any hunger pangs and you probably won’t feel as though you want anything to eat until lunchtime. Towards the end of the day you will be surprised by how good you feel – and that you are not craving food. Remember to keep drinking water!

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How To Lose Weight Quickly With Exercise

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