How To Lose Weight Real Fast

Your daily target is 10,000 paces!

10,000 paces may sound a lot, but you will be surprised how many steps you take just doing routine chores around the house or at work.

Over a period that you feel comfortable with, work up to 5,000 paces. Once you have achieved that, move up to 7,500 and then 10,000. If you can do more, so much the better. 10,000 paces should be your daily minimum. This is a good level of aerobic exercise.

To increase your level of fitness once you are achieving 10,000 paces a day, you can progress todeliberate walking. Deliberate walking is just another way of describing walking at a faster pace. As a guide, this might be between 120 and 130 paces a minute. Try and do deliberate walking three times a week. It can be part of your 10,000 paces if you like, or you can do more.

Start by doing 10 minutes three times each week and then work up to 30 minutes three times each week.

Having a daily target will get you to adopt better, healthier habits. Maybe you will walk up the stairs rather than take the lift, walk to the shops rather than take the car, walk some of the way to work, use your lunch break to go for a walk. The discipline of your new walking habit will be life-changing – and it is so simple to do.

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How To Lose Weight Real Fast

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