How To Lose Weight For Teens

Weight and Measure

On Day One, weigh and measure yourself at the beginning of the day before your first

Weigh yourself as often as you like. It’s best you weigh yourself at the beginning of the day before breakfast, but remember that your weight will fluctuate. Best to record your weight at the end of each week as well as taking your measurements.

Weekly routine

One week at a time. At the beginning of each week you need to take three decisions. About your diet, how many Low Calorie Days you will do, and the exercise you will take. These decisions will be your guide for the week.

Decision 1 – Diet

Decide on a menu plan for the first week. This will help you to get more familiar with RDAs, make shopping easier and increase your food awareness.

Continue to plan your meals for as long as you think necessary. You can stop the detailed planning once you feel confident that you have built up sufficient knowledge of RDAs. Selecting what to buy takes a little time, matching up what you would like to eat with your RDAs, but the whole process, and particularly RDA awareness, becomes easy to do the more you do it. It’s just a new habit to learn. It will soon become second nature.

A sample meal plan for a breakfast might look like this:

BREAKFAST Total fat (70g) Saturated Fat(20g) Sugar <25g) Fibre (>30g) Salt (H)

Cereal with skimmed milk and blueberries 2 1 6 II 2.05

I x boiled egg 14 4

Toast, butter 5 3 1 2 0.4

Coffee and skimmed milk 1 0.25

Total Grams 21 8 9 13 2.7

Tip: Recommended Daily Allowances are a guide. If you exceed them from time to time – but not excessively – it is not the end of the world. Your efforts to lose weight and improve your health will not be compromised forever. What is important is that you are aware of what RDAs are, and that you do your best to keep as near to the them as possible.

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How To Lose Weight For Teens

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