I Love Food Sometimes a Bit Too Much! Any Tips To Help Curb Overeating?

We’ve all been guilty of overindulging every now and again. During certain times like the holidays, it’s hard to keep your diet in check. Boredom, stress or even misreading your own body’s cues can also easily lead to eating way more than you intended. Here are some of my favorite tips to banish binging. A gooD offense Is your Best Defense. Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. Studies have shown that people who start the day with a satisfying fiber-rich meal, such as whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk and fruit, feel fuller longer and are more likely to make better food choices and less likely to overeat later in the day.

I Love Food Sometimes a Bit Too Much! Any Tips To Help Curb Overeating? Photo Gallery

Skipping meals to compensate for eating too much is another sure-fire way to continue the overeating cycle. If you are feeling bloated, choosing lighter fare such as a leafy green salad with grilled chicken or fish and vegetables, may help ease your food hangover. PortIon out snAcks. Place snacks, like whole-grain air-popped popcorn, in single-serving bags to help you from mindlessly munching at your desk or in front of the television.

I Love Food Sometimes a Bit Too Much! Any Tips To Help Curb Overeating?

Know the DIfference Between hunger And starvatIon. If your stomach is grumbling, it’s a good sign you’re ready to eat. But if you feel lightheaded, you’ve probably waited too long between meals and are past the point of hunger, and as a result, run a higher risk of binging. Keep snacks handy, like low-fat yogurt, sliced veggies with hummus, or a heart-healthy trail mix to keep your blood sugar from dipping. Not only will snacking carry you through until your next meal, but it will also help you resist the candy bowl. start your meals rIght.

Use smaller plates, which give you less surface area to cover, and start each meal with soup, like vegetable-rich minestrone, or salad to fill you up quicker. Don’t mIstAke thIrst for hunger. Remember to keep hydrated throughout the day with plenty of water or non-caloric beverages. slow Down AnD enjoy your fooD. While eating on the go may save you time, research has shown that eating too fast may actually inhibit the release of the hormones that tell your body when you’re full. Invoke the 30-mInute rule. Wait at least half an hour after you’ve eaten to see if you are really want more. And don’t risk temptation by letting the meal sit in front of you for too long. Instead, get up from the table, and go for a walk. keeP A fooD journAl. It may help you recognize your triggers that lead to overeating. In the short term, overeating probably won’t wreck your diet, but over time, the calories can add up, and lead to negative repercussions, both physically and mentally. The key is not to punish yourself for one or two “bad” meals, but to get right back to your normal routine the next day.

I Love Food Sometimes a Bit Too Much! Any Tips To Help Curb Overeating?

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