Luxy Girls Try This Seasons Hottest Hair Accessories

Hey guys it is Rochelle, I’m Azra and we are here from lucky HQ coming to you with a really fun set of you today what are we doing a dress.

So today we are gonna show you guys our favorite hair accessories and we are gonna be showing you all sorts of cool stuff to do with them how to sell them on short hair like mine or beautiful long hair like Rachelle’s now, I have a secret to share with you guys this is not the hair that. I have been naturally blessed to it yeah I’m actually wearing a full set of ombre chestnut hair extensions in the stuff that I’m wearing is from our new seamless collection and all of the sets in that collection come in 180 grams. So this is all over here that you get it is give me beautiful long long full, I love it okay let’s jump in okay.

So for our first hair accessory we have something super fun you have all heard of Kristin as she’s a super famous celebrity hair stylist and she actually has her own line of hair accessory. So this is the Kristin s’s French pin it is this beautiful rose gold pin and it’s. So simple but.

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So elegant and you can style it in. So many ways the first step for this one is really simple you are gonna do a top knot. So keeping in mind that, I have my luck C’s, I do not want these clips to show through.

So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take a comb like this that has a nice pointy end like that. So, I can easily section off my hair to make that top knot. So you can see the clip here.

So I’m just gonna try to go a little bit higher once, I have the ponytail I’m gonna twist it like. So and then just kind of twist it around itself to make and then once it is good, I have a small clear elastic just a little guy like that and section off with this now of course the ps/2 the loose distance for this look is our rose gold Kristin s clip. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take this and kind of just weave it in and out of the bun to add a little accent to it and then voila it reminds me of you know when you were a kid and you would put your hair in a bun and then put a pencil through it yeah it is like a really cool elevated version of that nothing awesome okay.

So this one is for all your short-haired girls out there this is a beautiful little clip it has a little of mother-of-pearl arrow head on it busy major festival, I know okay. So what I’m gonna do here is a French fishtail braid just at the back here the thinner the sections that you take the more defying the fishtail will be ladies if you need extra instructions on how to create a French fishtail braid we have a tutorial on our which we will link below okay. So now that, I have my French fishtail braid I’m gonna take this beautiful little clip and what we are gonna do is just push it up and in and it is gonna just lay really beautifully across the braid.

So our next hair accessory is gonna be one of our favorite trends and this is actually running along the festival chain here and they are hair rings I’m gonna start by doing actually a regular braid at the top and then at the bottom gonna turn into a fishtail to just kind of give that hybrid effect at both the braids I’m gonna start by doing a nice chunky three strand braid at the top and then we will go into some fish tails guys even if your hair is super long you can use let’s use for thickness as well my hair is pretty long already but just adding those e’s and takes it to like the next level. So at this point I’m going to turn my three strands into two strands. So, I can do some fishtail braiding action okay.

So as you can see, I did a really big thick three strand braid at the top did the fishtail at the end and now, I want to leave a little bit of hair. So I’m gonna go ahead and take a small elastic now the beauty of fishtail braids is that you can pancake it out to make it look nice and messy and full just to complete the look now these little hair rings we just got off of Amazon right. So super get expensive super easy to use and you just kind of open it up with your fingers.

So I’m gonna start and just clip it in at the top and it just adds that little flare that takes your braids from being just hair to kind of a full-on festival oh I’m really into it BAM, I think that’s that this about you super Bohemia and super fun, I would totally rock this to a festival yeah okay. So now I’m gonna show you how to use hearings on shorter hair. So what you are gonna do is just start twisting towards the back like.

So just twist your hair and as you are twisting just add a little bit more hair every time like this and just keep twisting tightly super easy hack if you do not know how to French braid yeah this is like similar that easy and. So quick. So as soon as you reach the crown of your head just over here you are just gonna tie it a little twist off this is actually really cute as is but I’m gonna make it even cuter by adding some hearings.

So I’m just gonna be popping them in the bold color really pops out against your darker hair I’m into it yeah and these actually come in silver as well. So if you have lighter hair you can use silver and that’s it look how easy. So fun okay row what’s our fourth accessory today okay bear with us guys it sounds kind of boring but, I promise you were gonna show you a really cool and creative way to use bobby pins bobby pins yeah okay.

So for this look we are gonna create kind of that really edgy rocker look and you know back in the day when there’s a trend to shave this side of your head well we are gonna kind of create that type of look but, I promise you will not be shaping any of your hair with this one. So the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m going to take my rat tail comb using this pointy end here I’m gonna go ahead and section off really like get all of that hair of over to this side creating that dramatic side part. So, I have all my bobby pins and what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna put a bunch of them in and I’m gonna do the ombre look.

So, I guess I will start with the lightest one first fighting it into my hair and then these bobby pins are awesome they are super tight and they’ll leave your hair really secure trying to space it out equally to have that kind of like geometric vibe and last but not least the darkest pink actually thing that looks. So cool. So this is a metal hair tie and very cool as you can see, I love metal, I love rose gold.

So this is a total as for accessory and I’m gonna show you how to create a really fun Q herself with it okay. So the first thing we are gonna do is just to create a little half pony like. So we are gonna create a Topsy tail and, I love these little Topsy tails because they just create a little more interest in a regular hot pony.

So just make a little hole at the top flip the ponytail through and then just tighten it and that’s the Topsy tail there wrap a piece of hair around this hair tie just. So it is hidden. So that’s it guys we try lots of fun hair accessories today and actually will link all of them in the description box below.

So that if you are interested in trying them yourself you have an easy link to take you right there thank you. So much for reading guys and we will see you next time.

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