Macadamia Deep Repair Masque Review

Hi guys I’m going to do a really really quick post just to review one of my new favorite products that are found for hair and it is probably one that you have seen in quite a few reviews already it is the macadamia natural oil hair treatment looks like this and, I have been seeing a few reviews myself on with girls raving about this product how you know amazingly works on their hair like fixes all the damage from you know coloring and processing the hair.

So I have been looking for it in Canada but, I wasn’t able to find it anywhere and then when, I was in New York, I found it and, I was like, I have to get it, I have to give it a try. So, I got this small one of the small sizes and it was twenty five ninety right there and the biggest biggest size of this, I think was about 3035 dollars something like that if I’m not mistaken and, I wish now, I got the bigger size because, I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out.

So, I thought I will start with a small size and if, I like it I will you know sort of get the larger size but now that. I have been using it for about a month I’m absolutely in love with this thing it is let me show you what it looks like you open it up and it is got like this little protective cover and you just sort of lift it up this white creamy mask and, I used it in the shower you were supposed to leave it on on you supposed to apply it on damp here and allow for it to sit for about seven minutes to penetrate and that’s exactly what. I have done in the shower and let me tell you when, I was applying it, I was already feeling how creamy it is and then once you know the seven minutes was up and, I was rinsing it out oh my gosh like my hair felt like silk it was.

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So it felt. So nourished and hydrated and then when, I got out of the shower and dried the hair, I usually apply you know like a leave-in conditioner and, I felt like, I didn’t really need one because my hair already felt very very smooth and usually it is dry after the shower like after, I get out of the shower even with the conditioner that, I use. So but this time after, I use this it really leaves the hair smooth and feels nourished and when, I was blow-drying the hair, I really felt a difference like somehow the brush was really gliding on the hair like really smoothly and, I do not know I’m personally I’m going to be 100% recommending and I’m going to get another bottle when this one is up and actually, I have a question if you guys live in Canada and you use this product and you know where to get it please please please leave a comment below or you know private message let me know where, I can find it in Canada because, I have not been able to find it, I mean just be told, I have not been looking but you know.

I’ve been in a few beauty supply stores and, I have not found it there. So if you know where to find it in Canada please please please let me know but other than that I’m sure you could probably find it online and I’m sure they have a website, I didn’t really do my research yet but I’m pretty sure they will have a website and you’d be able to find it online but yeah this was my short review of the macadamia natural oil deep repair mask and my my what, I call it my rating is 5 stars definitely – thumbs up, I love it I’m going to continue using it, I highly recommend it, I should say that it says you should use it use no more than twice a week. So, I personally use it once a week because, I have a few other treatments that I’m testing right now and.

So, I use those once a week and then, I use this once a week as well. So that’s it, I hope you guys found it helpful and if you have it around you and if you if your hair is damaged like mine from you know years of coloring and straightening and curling and all that stuff, I think you definitely should invest in a bottle of this although it is $25 like, I said. I have been using it for a month and, I still have you know 3/4 of the way of it left.

So, I think it is a great investment really nourishes the hair, I feel. So yeah hope you found it helpful and I will see you guys in the next post bye.

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