1/2 lb. mashed bean curd

2 oz. minced fish

1 oz. minced pork

4 egg whites

Pepper powder, salt and sherry to taste

2 tbsp. each minced scallion and ginger

2 tbsp. cooking oil

12 dried shrimp

1/2 oz. shredded ham

3 tbsp. dried sliced bamboo shoots soaked in water

1 omelette, sliced

1/2 oz. celery

12 dried mushrooms soaked in water

4 cups clear broth

2 tbsp. chicken fat

To Prepare:

1. Mix fish, pork, egg whites, salt pepper powder, sherry, scallion and ginger with the mashed bean curd.

2. Brush oil on 12 tablespoons and place the bean curd mixture in them. Put dried shrimp in the front part of each tablespoon to make it look like the mouth of the magpie. Put shreds of ham, bamboo shoots, omelette and celery on the other end of the spoon as the tail of the magpie. Make the mushroom look like the birds wings and ham shreds as the eyes. Steam for 3 minutes. Transfer to a plate.

3. Boil the clear soup. Season it and pour it over the bean curd. Add chicken fat. Serve.


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