Make a Peace Bundle

Make a peace bundle If you need a little help moving on from a turbulent relationship, its time to call on the Valkyries. Often depicted as warrior maidens on horseback, these spirits had the specific role of carrying souls to their resting place in Valhalla. Sometimes they would appear as beautiful white swans and, as such, white feathers are associated with them. They can assist with any transition, particularly if it relates to leaving something or someone behind, or releasing anger.

Light a white candle and place a red piece of cloth in front of it, not too near the flame! Take a white feather and a token that reminds you of the person you have lost, or the situation youd like to release from your life. Place them in the centre of the red material then fold until you have a small bundle. Take a length of string and bind the package six times to represent the core number of Valkyries. As you tie the last knot say, I move on with an open heart, whats gone I mourn no more.

Let only happy memories come to brighten up my door. Spiritual SOS Leave the bundle somewhere near the entrance to your home so that you see it every time you enter or leave, and make a point of repeating the magical chant when you do.

Make a Peace Bundle

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