Make-up color suitable for light

Make-up color suitable for light


1 Using your brush, take some high light color from your hand or palette.

2 Make a line of high light color with a solid stroke of a single brush (if you used a brush of the correct width, you would need to do just one stroke before mixing the corners to use the right piece of paint and the correct part of the pressure to apply it).

3 Wipe and clean your brush well, or use a clean brush. Then, gently brush the corner of the high beam in the direction of the corner, placing the corners on the top II. Do this until the corners are completely mixed with the foundation. If you are using mold makeup, the brush should be slightly moistened. After each stroke, you should remove the make-up brush and re-moisturize it whenever necessary.

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4 Repeat step three on the opposite corner. This should give you a strong high light with two soft corners. If it is not as strong as your strength, repeat the whole method above what you have done up to now.

5 Repeat step 2 with a moderate shade of color, applying the paint line a short distance from high light.

6 The step three is far from high light, the only one on the edge of the shadow

7 Apply the same on the other side of the shade, avoiding overlapping the high light with the shadow on top while the shade shines towards the high light.

8 This corner softens as it moves to the right and left.

9 Now you can begin to use your muscles and flesh with the bone structure that you place in the high lights. The meat at the corners of your mouth can swell or sag with age by catching the light. Light this area with a medium or large brush.

10 Normally, the chin line catches a high light, but you can apply this area with a broader or wider brush to keep the corners soft and highlight the irregularities gained by the dangling meats. If your jawbone is firm and young, you can use it to determine what photos, pictures, or drawings might look like and how to catch them if there really is a hanging flesh light.

11 All the way to the superiors, from the neck to the neck, catches the light, especially in the folding wrinkles. Hold it with a wide or wider brush, start with a light shine, make a very sharp, clean corner in the direction of your wrinkle, then gradually change as it moves towards the center of the mouth.

12 In proportion to age, boysmuscles are usually more prominent and catch light. Light them like a cylinder. If your mind is not clear, you can usually see them turning their minds as far as possible towards the edge. When you are finished, there must be gradual changes between the lightest areas of high lights and the darkest areas of the shadows.

Make up color suitable for light

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