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Got droopy lids or serious under-eye baggage? Why get an eyelift when you can fix it with powder and a brush?

Cover up puffy bags with an undereye concealer one shade darker than your complexion. This may sound counterintuitive, but darker colours hide shadows while lighter colours emphasise them.

Try Jane Iredale Active Light Under-eye Concealer, $62, au, which also contains vitamin K and cucumber extract to tighten. Apply in a triangle shape, keeping above the orbital bone, and blend thoroughly.

You can then go in with a mauve-based concealer (try the Red Earth Skin Perfection All-In-One Concealer Kit, $28, to further disguise under-eye veins. Then dot highlighter such as Lancome Touche Miracle Highlighter, $57, under the arch of the brow to give the eye some vertical lift. A cat-eye, ending in an upward flick, also helps to maintain the illusion.

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Make up EYES

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