Make-up techniques with gelatin

Make-up techniques with gelatin


Powdered gelatin with hot water is often used to create three-dimensional effects. You should work fast with gelatin. If this does not work, undo everything and start again (this is the method)

1 Clean the deep area using soap, water or alcohol. Thoroughly dry the skin.

2 Put a soup spoon jelly in a small bowl. If the container has a cap or can be closed, it will help keep the gel more warm. Then add a spoonful of very hot water and start mixing the mixture with a stick. Continue mixing until the mixture thickens.
If you want to color, apply a small liquid color suitable to hot water. Or add a small piece of powdered blush (before hot water). If you want a color other than red, use a pattern of dry hair or a suitable shade of makeup.

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3 Hot gelatin should be immediately applied to the skin with a suitable applicator, such as a styleing device. Just apply as much as you need. If more gelatin is needed, add it to the desired spot (after the last application or before).
Gelatin can be applied either on a flat or hairy basis. Hair on the floor can be advantageous without helping to keep the gelatin on the floor.

4 Powdered solidified gelatin. Then I take the excess powder with a powder brush.

5 The makeup foundation can be applied to all or part of the gelatin. One can not be covered with the foundation. When applying a foundation color, you may wish to apply a special layer to the gelatin construction. This cream will be made with make-up, oilboy, make-up with lip pencil, eyebrow pencil or dry lash.

6 Powder the makeup at least to make the powdering inconvenient. Take the excess powder with a powder brush.

At the same time, it is possible to separate gelatin on a smooth, flat level. Then powder them, peel them off the surface and attach them to the skin with refreshing glue. These can be done just before the game.

Make up techniques with gelatin

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