The first thing to notice when starting makeup is the skin cleansing. If the skin is not clean, it should be cleaned, tonifix (tonic compression) and underneath the makeup.

Makyaja begins with foundation. The ideal tone should be the color of the skin or a ton of darkness. However, in very light-colored tones, a couple of tonnes of dark color and in darker tones, a ton of light color can be used. Stick and cream foundation preferred in theater make-up. The stick foundation is thin and concealing. It is preferred on the roughings that need to be covered. The foundation is applied to the face with a sponge, spread on the skin thoroughly and spread as a thin layer.


It should be carefully checked after it is applied. Pan cake is applied to the face with wet sponge, does not dry quickly and does not sweat. It must also be carefully spread and controlled. After surface foundation or pan cake is laid, shading is done. These shaders are the fixes needed for one hundred shapes. These are made using the foundation of three and four tons of foundation. The thing to be noticed in shaded circles is that they spread very well and do not line up.

Eyebrows can be darkened and corrected with eyebrow pencils. The eyebrow pencil should be pointed and painted with small lines like hair.

Eye makeup should be done according to eye shape. Of course, the character that the player will play is also very important. Sometimes eye makeup can never be done. Eye make-up light and dark two-tone headlights are preferred. Ideal for make-up is the matt light. The headlights should not be line in any way, the two colors should be fading in the ends, melting in each other. Never use hard, dark lines when the pen is used, lines should always be softened with a brush. When mascara is applied, there should be no thickness or stickiness.

If cream blush is used, it is applied before puddle. The cream is spread with a blush sponge. If powdery blush is used, it is applied by brush after pudding. As a powder, usually a transparent powder is used. The powder is applied to the face with small puffs and distributed by brush.

Lipstick is the latest material. It is applied considering the lip shape with the brush. If the lips are to be framed with a pencil, the color of the base must match the lipstick color.


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