How to makeup last longer

Remember that you are more than your work You’re 15 and you are alone in a country and there’s the whole process of winning and losing – it plays a big role in your identity and who you think you are, says Bianca. People know you as The Surferinstead of getting to know who you are [as aperson]. That has a massive influence on you. If you fly all the way to Australia and you lose the first round, it is almost like, but I’m meant to be this!You question your own identity. Eventually, Bianca had to discover who she was outside of surfing – and learnt that her failures and wins didn’t need to be a reflection of herself.

I obviously put in a lot of hours; there’s alot of discipline that goes into training and [losing] is a waste of hard work, but it does not touch my identity anymore, she says. Make exercise fun Exercise was originally intended as a complement to your soul and emotional well-being. Exercise sets us free, so wherever or however your heart pulls you, there you should go, she says.

Eat well, but clean I opt for the most raw, untouched and unprocessed foods, says Bianca. Smoothies are important for your body to obtain the fibre of fruit along with its sugars. Be spontaneous Bianca does not just preach about adventure, she lives it too.

Take last weekend: she and her friends stopped alongside the road, jumped a fence and started hiking. We carried our camping gear and food down a mountain, holding it over our heads as we crossed a river and set up camp under the stars. The day was followed by a surf or three and a braai around lunchtime, continuing well into the night. Eating well, living well.

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How to makeup last longer

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